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We are The Equity Imperative!

The Equity Imperative began in March of 2018 in response to the persistent underperformance of culturally and linguistically diverse students across the country. Our work started mostly with schools and school districts, but has since expanded to reach other entities who desire to drive equitable outcomes through their service provision to diverse populations.

As our work began to spread from one state, to multiple, we witnessed how the reality of racism manifested in similar ways across different geographical regions. This recognition has fueled our sense of urgency and hope in supporting organizations to become the sanctuary sites for equity that people need and deserve.

There we began to name that urgency with more ownership, with more hope, and with a vision that every organization be a sanctuary site for equity. We realized that the urgency we felt came from an understanding that despite how entrenched race and racism are in our society, we have the capacity to dream, hope and work toward eradicating it and its effects in our communities now and in the future. Ours is not a hopeless cause.

Our Team

We're a committed group who couple justice with joy.
A man named Matthew Rodriguez who is the co-founder of the Equity Imperative.
Matthew Rodriguez

Matthew started his career as a janitor and eventually became a math and social studies teacher, teacher leader, assistant principal, and principal. His experience taught him the crucial role education plays in many students' lives. Matthew then transitioned to designing and implementing curriculum for educational leaders before becoming the Chief Education Officer of a small district. He has returned to preparing school leaders through his work at the Equity Imperative.

A woman named Judy Rodriguez who is the co-founder of the Equity Imperative.
Judy Rodriguez

Judy’s heart lies in education, and her dedication to mentoring youth has given her an in-depth understanding of positive school climate, Response to Intervention, Social Emotional Learning, and a formal M.Ed in Youth Development. As the Dean of Student Affairs, Judy led the way in creating a welcoming, safe, and supportive space for students to thrive, providing them with the necessary services to navigate the urban terrain. Judy firmly believes that equity in schools can only be achieved by fostering an environment where all students can succeed.

A man named Ed Morris who is the Director of Program Implementation for the Equity Imperative.
Ed Morris
Director of Program Implementation

Edward Morris Jr. is a passionate leader who is dedicated to building capacity in individuals who strive for excellence in changing lives through social enterprise. With experience as a teacher and as a principal developer and coach in Chicago, Ed brings years of insight and influence in education reform to the Equity Imperative. Serving as president of Visionport LLC., Ed is thrilled to team up with the Equity Imperative and their partner organizations to continue pursuing his passion for developing leaders.

A woman named Melissa Quiñones who is the Administrative Program Coordinator for the Equity Imperative.
Melissa Quinones
Administrative Program Coordinator

Melissa is a passionate and dedicated advocate for children and families! With her BA in Early Childhood Education, she has led numerous community events and programs focused on supporting the youth. Melissa's enthusiasm for serving families led her to explore administrative roles in hospitals and mental health facilities. Now, as part of the team at the Equity Imperative, she brings her expertise to create positive change in the lives of students and families.

A woman named Juanita Garcia who is the E-Learning Administrator for the Equity Imperative.
Juanita Garcia
E-Learning Administrator

Juanita is an experienced educator with over 12 years of experience in various roles within schools. Her passion for creating equitable environments and implementing restorative practices led her to develop innovative systems, including peace rooms and data-driven programs. Juanita's focus on social-emotional learning earned her school an Exemplary Supportive School Certification from Chicago Public Schools. She's now pursuing her Masters in Educational Leadership at Northeastern Illinois University, continuing her mission to create a sense of freedom in education.

A man named Joey Quinones who is the Creative Director for the Equity Imperative.
Joey Quinones
Creative Director

In 2020, Joey earned a Bachelors in Digital Media and Design from Southeastern University. With a passion for all things art and design, he brings a sense of fun and excitement to a clean and modern style. When he's not drinking caramel macchiatos, you can find him creating for The Equity Imperative via design, film, and photo.

A man's hand writing in notes in his notebook.
“Our partnership with The Equity Imperative has been such a great blessing to us.”
District Superintendent

We Value Relationships

Our partnership approach is relationship focused and context embedded. Our team works to actively listen to diverse stakeholder perspectives to customize a set of solutions that are relevant and actionable.

We Value Measurable Impact

Our partnerships design solutions that can be seen and heard as practitioner practices shift to support those most frequently marginalized.

We Value Excellence in the Professional Learning Experience

Partners witness how we honor the complexity of the profession of education through our design of high quality professional learning. Our team draws on the design principles of andragogy (adult learning theory), uses and models culturally responsive teaching, and pulls from cutting edge research to offer up clear application of the learning.

Important numbers

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