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Racial Equity Cannot Wait

Weaving research with practice to interrupt inequitable systems.

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At The Equity Imperative, we envision the day when all organizations become sanctuary sites for equity. Our goal is to equip practitioners to make advancing racial equity the core of their everyday work so that designed initiatives live beyond our partnership. We collaborate with our partners to identify racial equity problems, diagnose their causes, and design context-driven systemic solutions.
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Our current solutions offerings are all customizable to unique local needs. We simultaneously offer our experience to help organizations set the right conditions for solutions to see the most success in their context.



Executive-Level Consultation
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Our team supports leaders in asking the right questions, naming the right challenges, and designing strategic initiatives to address the root causes of challenges identified.
Asynchronous Professional Learning
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The asynchronous experience is one that combines self-paced learning and guided workbook-based self-reflection together with facilitated community discussions to translate the learning into everyday practice.
Real-Time Professional Learning
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Our design of real-time learning experiences combines the principles of culturally responsive teaching with the most up-to-date practices aligned with andragogy (adult learning theory), producing an inspirational learning experience, provoking deep introspection, as well as practical, outlining clear, concrete, and tangible steps practitioners can apply.
Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)
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In partnership with school districts, we work to effectively raise the volume of the student voice and their active participation in transformational change for each school community.


“The Equity Imperative helped us establish a district-wide family initiative that provided jobs for parents.”


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Partner Reflections

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"Our partnership with the Equity Imperative has been transformative. The online courses and modules have guided our professional community in reflecting and thinking deeply about racism and how it manifests in our schools and practices. "

Deputy Superintendent
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"What I appreciate most about the Equity Imperative is the ways in which they have guided us to face inequity and, most importantly, to take deliberate steps toward ensuring all students have equitable access and opportunity."

Superintendent of Schools
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The most impactful learning for me was the challenging of the dominant view of racism. I have never thought about this before and this really shook my cognitive construct. I am deeply appreciative of moments where new learning transforms my schema and forces me to reevaluate the lens through which I view the world.

State-Level Official
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